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It’s time to go virtual

SupportGroupz is an easy to use online service that helps support groups of all kinds transition from in-person sessions to a HIPAA-compliant virtual community.

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Adapt to change

Living in a post-coronavirus world is tough for everyone, but especially for those that have grown to benefit from and rely on support group communities like Cancer Support Centers, Diabetes Prevention Programs, Alcoholics Anonymous, and other communities like those that support grief and addiction.

Having and maintaining relationships with these communities has become a challenge during our global pandemic, especially given that most of these groups can no longer meet in person and have no consolidated solution to continue to support group members.

SupportGroupz is here to help.

Empower your support groups

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Virtual Group Meetings

  • HIPAA Compliant Video and Audio Calls for both group and 1-1 meetings. One click web access so no apps need to be installed!


  • HIPAA Compliant Group and Direct Messaging to enable healthy online communities and enable coach/participant relationships.

Content Library

  • Upload Documents, Presentations, and Videos for your group participants to review, download and print at home.


  • Custom and premade surveys for participants to track things like body measurement, mood and pain, symptoms, diet, activity, and action logs.

Home Health Devices

  • Connections to select home health devices such as FDA validated smart scales, fitness trackers like fitbit and apple watch, blood glucose monitors and more!


  • Support should be be shared in confidence. SupportGroupz is HIPAA and GDPR Compliant with DOD level encryption of all data and communications on the platform.


  • Text and Email notifications for meetings, messages, and data collection/survey reminders for participants.

For Coaches

  • - Meeting Scheduling
  • - Engagement Insights
  • - Group and Direct Messaging
  • - Content Management

For Administrators

  • - Onboard Participants
  • - Manage Groups and Coaches
  • - Collect Payments
  • - Track Adherence

Clean and Easy to Use

With a slick and beautiful interface, SupportGroupz makes it easy for both coaches and participants to communicate and interact with each other. Plus, our group video meetings work right in the browser, no download needed!

Powering Diabetes Prevention Programs

We help CDC-Certified DPP providers support their participants by offering a turn-key system for enrollment, management, virtual classes, scheduling, tracking, and communication.

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Free Plan

Per Participant, Per Month
1 Coach & Admin Included

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  • 1 support group
  • 8 Participants / group
  • 1 Meeting / Month
  • 30 Mins / Meeting
  • Unlimited Chat
  • No Health Trackers
  • 100% Ad Free
Premium Plan

Per Participant, Per Month
5 Coaches & Admins Included

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  • Unlimited groups
  • 200 Participants / group
  • 6 Meeting / Month
  • 90 Mins / Meeting
  • Unlimited Chat
  • Health Tracker Support
  • 100% Ad Free
Basic Plan

Per Participant, Per Month
3 Coaches & Admins Included

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  • 10 support groups
  • 200 Participants / group
  • 2 Meetings / Month
  • 45 Mins / Meeting
  • Unlimited Chat
  • Health Tracker Support
  • 100% Ad Free
Business Plan

Per Participant, Per Month
Unlimited Coaches & Admins

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  • Unlimited groups
  • 200 Participants / group
  • Unlimited Meetings
  • Unlimited Minutes
  • Unlimited Chat
  • Health Tracker Support
  • Custom Branding

Premium Add-Ons

Any paid plan can add these upgrades

Additional Coaches


Additional Coach Licenses can be purchased for $20/M. Each coach license comes with 1 free admin license.

Home Health Trackers


Track activity and steps, Blood glucose/oxygen/pressure, Height, weight, BMI, body fat, Heart rate, Sleep quality, Diet and calories from devices like Fitbit, Oura, Apple Watch, Garmin, Withings


Wireless Digital Scale


Wireless FDA Validated Digital Scale. No smartphone required- automatic global coverage via cellular network. $1/m per user

Discounts are available for non-profit organizations.

“It's been hard adapting to this new world without my support group. Thanks to Milli and SupportGroupz, I finally have my community back.”
Jason Briggs
Milli Beta User